Essay about Swot Analysis : Csr Swot

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CSR SWOT Analysis
After a thorough examination into BP’s numerous strategies, further analysis into the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) provides an overall performance level regarding the outcomes of their CSR and sustainability goals. Drag and Zimnol (2014) stipulated a SWOT analysis can provide structure to the internal and external factors affecting the company’s current and future outlooks. Additionally, a SWOT analysis can generate context regarding the company’s current relationship with the environment, which can portray the ways to both reduce environmental impact and regenerate damaged communities (Drag & Zimnol, 2014). Therefore, evidence suggests that although BP displays admirable strengths capable of maintaining the legitimacy of their current efforts, their outnumbering weaknesses reflect a company in need of additional resource allocation. Furthermore, BP continues to experience opportunities for improvement through their low-carbon technology initiatives, which can alleviate the numerous external threats depleting their distribution of CSR resources throughout the company. While BP continues to experience negative publicity from past indiscretions, the company’s improvements to internal competencies such as their operational safety and project screening processes signify their biggest strengths. Highlighted in their code of conduct, clear and concise internal regulations and expectations concerning operational safety are…

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