Swot Analysis : Changi Airport Essay

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Perceived servicescape
Perceived servicescape is overview or image of the firm perceived by customers (Hoffman, 2010). Then what is perceived servicescape of Changi airport? Changi Airport Group have put in a great deal of effort to be the best airport all around the world. They built Changi airport efficiently so that customers can feel comfortable to visit and use Changi airport. They continually move new retails which have not existed yet for customers’ satisfactory shopping, and established great leisure places including a lush indoor garden with a central waterfall as well. Also, various dining offerings have been moved into the airport for enjoyment of customers, and they are trying to serve accurate baggage delivery. As mentioned earlier, caused by these effort, Changi airport was nominated one of the five star airport which there are only 5 airport got 5 star including Hong Kong, Munich, Seoul Incheon, Tokyo Haneda international airport. Because of these factors, servicescape of Changi airport is perceived as one of the best shopping, dining, leisure, and cleanest airport from customers.
Customer response moderators
What is response moderators? In servicescape model, company put lots of effort into building competitive environmental dimensions. And perceived servicescape is overall image of the firm’ environmental dimensions by customers. But even though firm’s perceived servicescape is attractive, it does not mean that all customers want to go there, or…

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