Essay on Swot Analysis : Blue Ocean

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Lightwire is a Waikato based internet provider which builds and provides IT solutions to the Waikato region. The Lightwire team is based in Hamilton, who are constantly researching and developing new solutions for broadband and wireless users. Lightwire is focused on providing internet services to rural Waikato which is the most profitable, where in urban areas there is large competitions for internet services. The key product areas are rural, prepay, business and consumer. Lightwire’s main competitors in New Zealand are Netsmart, Farmside, Spark and Vodafone.
1. Assessment of the “blueness” of Lightwire´s strategy
1.1. First Test of Blue Ocean
Testing for Lightwire’s Blue Ocean approach requires the analysis of Lightwire’s focus, divergence and compelling tagline (Blue Ocean Strategy, 2015b). Lightwire’s focus is to “We pride ourselves on working closely with the Waikato community and look forward to offering you the best, cost effective, reliable service available” (Lightwire, 2015). Lightwire foundations are based on providing rural solutions to connect communities to Lightwire, providing innovative solutions to provide complex network, data and internet solutions.
The Divergence factor is the uniqueness and differentiation from the industry’s average (Blue Ocean Strategy, 2015b). Lightwire’s services are cost efficient in rural areas with low backhaul costs and high integration, opposites of their major competitors.
Lightwire’s compelling tagline is “Your local…

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