Swine Ndustries Essay

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Introduction to Agricultural Sector and Swine Industries.

Thailand, one of the major world food supplies, have always been associated with a high concentration of labor in agricultural sector. There is a saying that “farming is not just an occupation, but it is the way of life”, in the case of Thailand, it could not be true. Almost 70 % of the labor force are in agricultural sector, and even though that number is falling for the last decades, agricultural sector is still be the main source of food supplies, and employment.

There are many sub sector within Agricultural, such as; Fishing, Rice, Cassava, Poultry, etc. However, that main emphasis of this report will be focusing on one of the most important share of this
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Moreover, as the as the economy expanded with the Asean community, aggregate demand is predicted to be increase and thus advantage the swine industries, both in term of price and quantity.

No matter how good the expansion of the industries would sound, our swine industries are still facing some critical problems. Some of the top ones are as follow; * With the increasing competiveness in the world food market, the price of pork from other countries, such as China, has decreased significantly due to their economies of scale. We can’t expand our operation to be as big as theirs due to capital, resources and capacity constraints. In general, it is going to be difficult for us to compete with them in the world food market with the difference in price. * Fundamental floor in Quality control and fluctuation in the quality and supplies of input. * Most farmer have low technical and marketing knowledge, therefore make them vulnerable to being exploited by big firms or middlemen within the supply chain. * Despite the effort that the government tried to help domestic farmer, most of the policies in the past had been classified as Aiding and Supporting policies such as price intervention, Debt suspension, etc., rather than encourage a long-run stable operation by providing them with a proper knowledge, knowhow and infrastructure. This open our industry to future vulnerability such as climate change, diseases,

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