Criticism Of Swine Flu Vaccine

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Vaccine protects people and prevent against serious life threatening disease. Vaccine is powerful medicinal inventions we have today. Every individual is vaccinated with different types of vaccine from their childhood. It’s been part of our life and has lived with us from past many years ever since then. Vaccines are made from the same antigens that results in disease but are killed or inactive form of antigen. The main concept of vaccination is to treat disease in healthy human before actual disease hit the body. Regardless of the benefit vaccines are always in controversies in context of its safety. In fact People are not willing to receive a treatment before even getting sick. Swine flu vaccine was available to general population …show more content…
Study was focused on actors who participated in the movement for the swine flu vaccine.1
Context: swine flu covered the globe in 2009. France government and healthcare professional did the national coverage and gave all the information regarding vaccine. News began to spread which resulted in involvement of group of actors and the safety issue of vaccine started even before the vaccine came to the market for public use. This ultimately led to failure if the campaign where only 7.9% of the total population got vaccinated against swine flu H1N1 virus.1, 5
Methods: To analyze and correspond to cultural difference and the diversity in influence and comparatively involvement of these actors. Researcher firstly identified all the actors involved in the vaccine criticism during that period. The French news media covered their reviews and published it. Secondly were convincing to reveal the other groups invoked the critics of safety for vaccine. Interviews were performed with 21 actors/individuals, recorded and interpreted. This interviews mainly target the keys points like what interest them in pandemic fly vaccine, how did they establish about its dangerous effects and how successively argue for vaccine safety with group involve in it. Actors who criticized the flu vaccine are lawyer, freedom in vaccination life journalist, political party, infectious disease
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Peoples losing trust against vaccine and vaccine program which is leading cause of influenza flu viruses to be serious public health problem.1, 3
Lastly, knowledge about vaccine criticism implies to leading factor of lack of trust and ignorance towards the medicine and medical practitioner in modern society.2
Conclusion: from this study we can differentiate how vaccine controversies emerge and are entered into the system creating the antivaccine marginal antivaccine and occasionally vaccine movement. The movement proves to be having a greater impact of the decisions of the human beings. Although, we know that vaccination is the most promising invention of today, there is a strong hesitancy. This vaccine hesitancy, parents fear and concerns today can be result in reinvented the disease that are already minimize and eradicated. Populations that are not vaccinated could prove to be carrier of the disease transmission is easy and leading to pandemic of disease. All the above concerns vaccine controversies can be eradicated with more transparency and more research based evidence to be provided to the people to understand its importance. Major fear of vaccine by parents is related to autism; however there are studies and research in journals

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