Essay on Sweet Lullaby Of World Music

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Sweet Lullaby of World Music Over the course of history, music has developed from a personal, academic pursuit to an extension of a global marketplace and an attribute of this global community. In order to better address this conversation and the surrounding idea, Feld utilizes the platform he developed to pose the argument that music has long been cultivated as a means of communication and interaction. This relationship is developed and analyzed as a case study in this article that discusses a traditional lullaby first developed in the Solomon Islands. In turn, it was recorded by a European pop group that sold millions of copies of a rendition of the song. Furthermore, the article shows the trend of music being redistributed and developed to later be reused by a popular jazz musician in Europe. Feld then begs the question about the nature of the redistribution of music and if it facilitates hybridization of music or an alienation and artistic degradation of the original work for indigenous artists. Looking back on history, the idea of world music has changed throughout time. In the 1960s, this idea of world music was developed among academics who were attempting to classify and trace the origins and inspirations of music, which was produced across the globe. As Feld discusses, by 1980, the concept of world music became more utilized as a category of classification within marketing that was made exponentially more successful by the integration of world music by popular…

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