Essay about Sweet Home Winfield Alabam

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Sweet Home Winfield Alabama

If you’re driving to eastern Mississippi from Birmingham in Alabama, you will pass through my hometown of Winfield, a small town in northwest Alabama 26 miles from Tupelo, Mississippi. Foothills of the Appalachian mountain range pass through the city, crossing from the Deep South and all the way north to Maine. Before incorporation into the United States, the city of Winfield was originally called “Needmore.” The name was changed to Winfield in honor of General Winfield Scott. Winfield Scott served an important role in the history of the United States. He served on active duty as general longer than any other person in American history; many people rate him as the best American commander of his time. There are some interesting geographical facts about my hometown. The city of Winfield is located in Marion County right before you hit Hamilton city. There are only 4800 to 5000 people living in Winfield. It is hot almost the whole year, except the last three months of winter season. The weather could generally describe as humid with mild winter. The city has a total area of approximately 17.5 square miles, with 17.3 square miles of land and 0.3 percent water.

The city of Winfield lacks the diversity of the Twin Cities. According to city statistics, 94% of the population is white, 4.5% (counting me) are Black, 0.1% Asian, and the rest Hispanic or Latino. The data shows there are 1,984 households; 26.1% have children under…

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