Sweet Dreams Sweeter Health Case Study

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Sweet Dreams, Sweeter Health

Did you think that having trouble falling asleep at night and feeling tired in the morning is of no concern to your health? Think again. A strong link had been reported between a decrease in sleep quality and the increased risks of cancer.

Humans spend roughly a third of their lives sleeping. Our body is constantly repairing itself from the wear and tear accumulated during the day during the period of slumber. However, when one does not get enough sleep, the body is unable to produce enough melatonin, a hormone with antioxidant properties which helps to prevent damage to cells. As a result, the cells become easily inflamed and this hinders our immune system from functioning properly. This disruption eventually
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2 million cases were extracted from the National Health Insurance Research Database in Taiwan, and then categorised based on the kind of sleep disorder the patient was suffering from. Patients whom were not diagnosed with cancer before the study was conducted were extracted, then paired with two controls (patients without cancer) based on factors such as age, gender, and year of diagnosis. A statistical test was employed to analyse whether the difference in cancer cases between the two groups were attributed to sleep disorders, or nothing more than sheer coincidence. The results obtained were nothing short of …show more content…
Parasomnia was associated to brain tumours and neurodegenerative diseases; OSA may cause complications of the heart, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure; insomnia gave rise to an increased risk in every form of cancer with risk of breast cancer being the most significant.

Additionally, researchers also found a correlation between sleep disorders and an unhealthy lifestyle. Individuals who smoke and drink alcohol on a regular basis are likely to find themselves unable to sleep well at night. Considering every 2 in 5 men smoke as compared to 9% of females and alcoholism being twice as common in males as females, these may be the factors explaining why males have a higher risk of cancer as compared to females. Consider ditching the cigarettes and alcohol and you might find yourself falling asleep more easily and feeling more energised in the

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