Sleep Loss In Schools Pros And Cons

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Many teenagers today are always wanting that extra couple of minutes of sleep. This was also true for Jilly Dos in the article “Sweet Dreams”. Many schools around the world are starting school even earlier than before. Teens are always trying to catch up on their lost sleep and always seem to be exhausted. There are many problems with sleep loss and they have drastic effects. When teenagers and young people do not get enough sleep it can affect them heavily both mentally and physically. It is scientifically proven that not enough sleep can affect test scores as well as mental health. In most teens, their number one priority is school and it often comes second to sleep, what they do not know is that putting sleep first could actually improve …show more content…
Sleep deprivation can cause illnesses, both mentally and physically. There are thousands of diseases linked to lack of sleep such as high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, obesity, mood disorders, ADD, mental impairment and childhood growth retardation. Surprisingly, lack of sleep has a higher chance of death than smoking, high blood pressure, and heart disease (Chronic Sleep Deprivation and Health Effects). Sleep deprivation can increase levels of corticosterone, which can cause brain cells to develop less frequently (Chronic Sleep Deprivation and Health Effects). Sleep loss heavily affects your ability to lose weight. Teens who don’t have proper sleep may feel as if they are never full causing them to eat more than they need which can cause obesity. Sleep balances your hormones that control hunger. Sleep loss also causes you to be more tired throughout the day so teens lose exercise time. It is also proven that sleep disorders can later cause mental illnesses, especially in teens, such as depression and anxiety. People who do not get proper sleep also increase their risk of an early death by forty six percent ("How Sleep Loss Threatens Your Health) . Many people may not see sleep as a high priority, but it is scientifically proven that without proper sleep in teen years, it can heavily affect how you live in the

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