Swedenborg And Me Essay

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Swedenborg and Me
Emmanuel Swedenborg was born in 1688 and had very profound ideas for his time that continue to inspire people today. He was 20 years old during the age of reason which was interesting because during that time, the scientific method was used to explain the things that happen within our world instead of relying on the idea that god created everything. In the year 1714, Swedenborg created the first airplane and he was considered a great engineer with simple machinery and a medical pathfinder with the goal to find where the soul of the human body lies which led him to look in the brain and in the heart. This led him to transform his beliefs from scientific to more spiritual. Swedenborg then saw visions of Christ and began communicating
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Swedenborg believed in two spiritual realms and everything in nature reflected in the spiritual world except that was more bright and beautiful. During this second phase of his life, Swedenborg reported deliberate near death experiences to increase his knowledge about the spiritual world and he claims that all death is peaceful. Although his background is very interesting, what appeals to me most is the influence he still has on people today and how his work is helping others live their lives more freely and happily. I came across this Youtube channel called OffTheLeftEye in which Curtis Childs teaches his viewers about how to implement Swedenborg’s teaching into our daily lives. This channel has truly inspired me to implement different beliefs into my life, more specifically Swedenborg’s beliefs. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am now a Swedenborgian, but I certainly have a different, and more spiritual outlook on life. The ideas of syndromes, forgiveness, and whether or not we can affect the community we join in the afterlife has had an …show more content…
Music has always been a big part of my life and it’s not something that I believed I shouldn’t get forgiveness from God for because I find comfort in listening and playing music. In Islam, one of the reasons women are told to wear hijab is to protect their modesty. Although I have great respect for those who choose to wear it, I don’t think that’s the only way to show your modesty and I strongly believe that it doesn’t make you any less Muslim if you were to choose not to wear it. Because I grew up in Dubai, U.A.E and have strong ties with American culture, I have influences in my life that I have frequently been told are wrong. I attended an American school for my entire grade school career and it was the norm to spend time with members of the opposite sex and develop strong relationships with them. When I attended my religion classes, it was emphasized that spending time with guys was highly frowned upon in our Islamic society. I completely understand the values within the religion regarding marriage and ultimately having one sexual partner, but I don’t think having male friends can take away from that if it’s something you

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