Sweatshops : A Synonym For Success Essay examples

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Sweatshops: A Synonym for Success

At first glance, sweatshops seem like terrible, horrible, inhumane markets. The term “sweatshops” has a negative connotation and directly implies appalling working conditions. While sweatshop conditions cannot be justified (aside from cutting costs) there are other points of view to consider. The conflicting points of view of three scholars from different background all support sweatshops in one form or another.
The first article I will discuss is Improving the Conditions of Workers?. Within the first paragraph of this article, Harrison and Scorse immediately argue a popular justification for low wage workers. They state that the idea of sweatshops remedying the condition of poor people in developing countries is entirely fictional. Harrison and Scorse go on to say that predetermined “living wages” are not always a solution as they hurt the low wage workers (Harrison and Scorse, 2006). This happens as companies decrease employment to maintain current costs which leaves many workers without a job or any source of income whatsoever. Harrison and Scorse also directly argue with a New York Times editorialist, Nicholas Kristof, who states that the world needs more sweatshops because these factories can bring hundreds of millions of people out of incapacitating, devastating and potentially deadly poverty (Harrison and Scorse, 2006). Overall, the main question of this article is “Does anti-sweatshop activism actually help or harm workers in…

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