Swarm Robotics Essay

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Abstract— Swarm robotics is an advanced robotics field which involves co-operative behaviour implemented on robots. Swarm robots find its applications in a large number of fields like process automation, defence, surgery, surveillance etc.In the centralised swarm robotic approach, we have a master robot and one or more slave robots. For a known environment this approach has a very less response time. The master robot is basically in charge of the slaves and controls their actions through sending suitable commands.Using swarm robotics in this project, we are demonstrating the load movement between two predefined positions by pattern formation.
Keywords—Swarm Intelligence(SI), Computational Swarm Intelligence (CSI), Centralized Control Mechanism
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The concept is employed in work on artificial intelligence. The expression was introduced by Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang in 1989, in the context of cellular robotic systems [1]. An SI system consists typically of a population of simple agents interacting with their environment. Problem-solving behaviour that emerges from such interactions is called swarm intelligence. Algorithmic models of SI behaviour are called computational swarm intelligence (CSI) [2].The application of swarm principles to robots is called swarm robotics. “Swarm Intelligence” refers to the more general set of algorithms. Swarm robotics is the study of how large number of relatively simple physically embodied agents can be designed such that a desired collective behaviour leads to accomplishment of a complex task.
The research of swarm robotics is to study the design of robots, their physical body and their controlling behaviours. Relatively simple individual rules can produce a large set of complex swarm behaviours. The main objective of this paper is the implementation of Swarm Robotics in its cheapest form with simple algorithm and application of Pseudo-decentralized system which is power efficient than the centralized system.
In centralized system cameras with wide lenses have to be integrated with the existing system. Since this paper is based on the implementation
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4. Triangular Pattern Formation
F. Load Movement
One of the potential applications of swarm robotics is load movement. If the load is heavy then the design of a single robot would become tedious whereas, the same task can be accomplished more effectively and efficiently. Depending upon the load the robots have to arrange themselves in a particular geometrical pattern. This is known as Pattern formation. Pattern formationconsiders robot deployment into environment forming some sort of geometric pattern such as a circle, a square, a line, a star, a lattice, etc.
Collective transportationtask involves robot cooperation to collectively transport an object, given that the transportation of single object requires more than one robot.The load movement is done by using gripper which is attached to the robot. This gripper helps in picking and placing the objects from one place to another. In the demonstration the robots will demonstrate cluster formation and move in the direction of the load. All the three robots synchronize by communicating with the master and perform the operation of load movement. After picking the load, all the three robots move with the same speed and place the load at the destination.

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