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Southwest Airlines: A Corporate Cultural Assessment
Southwest Airlines (Southwest) is a domestic US airline that provides short haul, high frequency, point-to-point, and low-fare service to and from 60 airports in 59 cities across 31 US states. From humble beginnings in 1971, this airline with only four passengers per flight, and airhostesses wearing hot pants and white go-go boots, has evolved into a leader in the airline industry with unsurpassed employee loyalty. Southwest's unique and relaxed corporate culture has created a highly successful airline business that has shown a profit for 30 consecutive years. This paper will examine corporate culture of Southwest Airlines and its impact on the company's success.
Southwest's Formal
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They have even been found hiding in luggage compartments to surprise passengers. The airplanes are all Boeing 737s, and Southwest is updating the interior of the planes this year.
The work environment outside of the aircraft is equally informal and positive as the inside. According to the CEO, Gary Kelly, the goal is fun and informality. The atmosphere is friendly and everyone is on a first name basis. A variety of activities and team building exercises exist to promote teamwork. Meetings are used as a means of communicating corporate goals and motivating employees (Chapman, 2005). At the corporate office in Dallas, one will find it more common to receive a hug than a handshake. The dress code is casual; if someone is seen in a suit that person is likely a visitor.
Slogans and Sayings
The informal and customer-oriented culture is represented in both print and video advertisements. They offer humor and customer focus. These slogans not only promote the airline, but also promote the values of the corporation and its employees. The slogans are not mere advertisements, but represent the culture of Southwest Airlines. For example, in the ad, "The Freedom to be Yourself is the Freedom to be Your Best" (2000), emphasizes working hard and playing hard. This is a place where people enjoy their job, so join the team. The slogan promotes individuality and excellence in the workplace. These are some of the core values at Southwest. Some other examples of memorable slogans

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