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Where do we go when the Earth fails to sustain us, across the galaxy or right out our back door to our neighbor? Multiple scientists have searched about whether life would be sustainable on Mars. When Nicolaus Copernicus was the first scientist to theorize that Mars was a planet there was much controversy. Although there was much criticism, new discoveries arrived about planets along with, their orbit around the Sun. Mars has an orbit around the Sun which is farther than the Earth. Due to Mars having a larger orbit, consequently Mars has harsher plus longer seasons. “Days” on Mars are called souls, they are approximately forty minutes longer than our days. Mars’s orbit also makes the years on Mars 1.88 times longer.

A couple years ago,
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With Martian organics on Mars, the organics could help lead to evidence of living microbes, along with more specific organic compounds. With this, organic compounds on Mars may allow us to restore water, while creating an atmosphere on Mars that will allow human life. If we were to heat Mars’ atmosphere, allowing the temperature to rise, “Mars’ frozen soil would thaw enough to release carbon dioxide, and more carbon in the atmosphere would further accelerate the greenhouse effect, bringing the average temperature up to 32°.”-Popular Science. Temperature rising to 32 degrees Fahrenheit is the freezing point so that would allow for the ice to thaw. With water on Mars it would release oxygen, allowing plants to grow, with this process evolving over time we could create an atmosphere for humans.

Still, we have years to come before we even launch our mission to Mars. Scientists are planning to launch our first mission to Mars around 2030. There are a handful problems scientists will have to overcome to have the colonizers arrive on Mars. Scientists have been working vigorously on jet propulsion as they will have to be able to power the ship all the way to Mars without failure. In addition to getting the people to Mars they also, need enough people to sign up for the mission to

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