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Sustainable Fashion: A Growing Need For Eco-Friendly Clothing

Every consumer is probably aware that the products they purchase have some kind of effect on the environment. However, the average person does not know that the textile and clothing manufacturing industry has one of the greatest. Sustainable fashion is part of a growing design philosophy which some brands and designers are taking into consideration. The goal of this trend is to create textiles and garments in terms of an environmental responsibility. There are many ways that this can be achieved, but there are many key factors that every consumer should be aware of.

Sustainable Fashion: A
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These pesticides injure and kill humans every year and are very toxic to the environment. Not only does cotton require extensive use of insecticides and pesticides, but cotton is also a water intensive crop. Growing enough cotton for one t-shirt requires approximately 257 gallons of water (Challa, 2012).Cotton also takes a lot of water, energy and chemicals to clean remove the impurities, dye and finish. The industry has improved recycling and continued to reduce waste, but the environmental affect is still a great concern. Some retailers and manufacturers have committed to using organic cotton or green cotton in their products. Organic cotton is an effective alternative to conventional cotton because organic farming uses no pesticides or fertilizers. Green cotton is another great alternative because it is washed with a natural based soap, and has not been bleached or treated with other harmful chemicals.
Although cotton is one of the most common fibers used in the textile industry, many other fibers cause great harm to our environment. Wool, for instance, may be depicted as environmentally friendly since it is natural, but it is not produced without impact. Sheep are susceptible to many diseases and therefore are often times injected or dipped in harmful pesticides to prohibit them from being passed to humans. These pesticides cause great harm to an ecosystem if they are not

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