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Green Building
A Guide to Sustainable Building Materials and Methods in Santa Cruz County

Funded through waste reduction grants from the City and County of Santa Cruz Departments of Public Works, and in cooperation with Ecology Action.

Green Building: A Guide to Sustainable Building Materials and Methods in Santa Cruz County
© 2004, Ecology Action of Santa Cruz Principal Authors: Barry Hooper & Karsten Mueller, Ecology Action Editor & Kiosk/Graphic Designer: Jenny Shelton, Shelton Design

Table of Contents
General Requirements
Introduction to Green Building Construction Waste Reduction Recycled Content Materials Reusable, Recyclable, & Biodegradable Materials Deconstruction 2 4 5 6 7

This booklet, which offers a broad
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Research is required to evaluate alternatives and select the best material for a project. Material selection ideally considers the impacts of a product throughout its life cycle (from raw material extraction, to use, and then to reuse, recycling, or disposal). Areas of impact to consider at each stage in the life cycle of a material include: Resources: Natural Resource Depletion; Air and Water Pollution; Hazardous and Solid Waste Disposal; Durability. Energy: Energy required for Extraction, Manufacturing, and Transport of Materials; Energy Performance in Useful Life of Material; Durability. Health: Effect on Indoor Air Quality; Exposure of Occupant, Manufacturer, or Installer to Harmful Substances; Moisture and Mold Resistance; Cleaning and Maintenance Methods.
1 Inspired by language from GreenBlue, a non-profit promoting cradle-to-cradle design. 2 USEPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program (1999) Painting the Town Green - Aberdeen Proving Ground’s Pilot Paint Project.


Tools for Selecting Green Construction Materials
Life Cycle Analysis and Costing
Life cycle assessment (LCA) is the systematic evaluation of the environmental impacts of every stage in the life of a material, from extraction/harvest, to use, to recycling or disposal. LCA is information-intensive, so the most time and cost-effective way to capture the benefits of the

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