Sustainable Aviation Essay

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Sustainable Aviation

Critically evaluate the research that maintains ‘efforts to achieve a more sustainable aviation industry represent nothing more than simple tokenism’.

This essay will evaluate the different approaches by airlines which show they are carrying out various procedures to show that airlines approach to sustainability is not a simple 'tokenism', sustainable aviation is a reality; this essay will look into these factors and demonstrate the different strategies which the aviation industry are putting in place to be a more sustainable industry.

The Brundtland Report (1987) identifies sustainability as 5 different things; Holistic planning, one should have a right to be involved in any planning; Ecological processes
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There are various companies which are set out to protect the environment and have set out regulations for the aviation and tourism industry. Munt, I. & Mowforth, M. (2003:183) explains that WTTC, World Travel Tourism Council, set up a research centre known as the WTTERC, World Travel Tourism Environment Research Centre; they looked at the 6 most important factors which affected the tourism industry such as regulatory and self regulatory global policies such as the Rio Summit, Agenda 21, etc. Another factor which was looked at was the general environmental policies dealing with emissions, pollution, etc. Throughout this essay there will be various relations to these factors and how what the aviation industry is doing to prevent more pollution, stronger emissions, etc.

When the Dreamliner was due out, Schofield J. (2010) stated the Dreamliner as "Boeings most fuel efficient aircraft", it is said to consume 20% less fuel than the Boeing 767, Ms. Carbary, vice president of the Boeing company states in the article Boeing as being the most fuel efficient airliners as it was the first airliner to use composite materials for its construction.

On the same note, The Airbus company, according to Heathrow Skyport (2010) during their flights in

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