Sustainable Agriculture, Agriculture And Farming Essay examples

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Sustainability in Agriculture and Farming “In half of a century, our soils have increased from 1 percent to 8 percent organic matter, and OM [organic matter] is the foundational test of soil resilience and fertility,” states Joel Salatin, speaking of his family farm, Polyface farms (Salatin). Sustainable farming has been around for millennia, but with the destructiveness that many modern farming methods cause, it has gained a growing measure of popularity with people who wish to wisely use our natural resources. Many people also like sustainable agriculture because it is a feasible way to get into farming and, especially in Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) dominated areas, provides a strong sense of community. In short, sustainability in agriculture is a God honoring approach to wisely using and protecting the natural resources that He has blessed us with. So, what exactly is sustainable agriculture? Sustainable agriculture is a type of agriculture in which the farmer tries to manage his resources in a way that protects and builds up the soil in his local ecosystem. This method of raising crops and animals is what we would call a win-win situation, and there are several reasons that make sustainable farming so beneficial. For one, the crops are not tainted by chemicals that can affect humans and that are destroying the honey bee populations around the world. Also, the animals themselves are often drug free, making them safer to eat than hormonally “juiced” industrial…

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