Sustainability Leaders Are Environmental Managers Essay

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Sustainability leaders are environmental managers. Since political institutions cannot solve complicated, transitional issues, such as our ecological footprint and climate change alone, sustainability leaders are recruited to help (Russell Reynolds Associates, 2016). Each footprint is about 1.3 miles (2.25 kilometers) long now, and ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is due to human activities (civilization) (NASA, 2016).
Barnard & Elliott (2015) list ten tenets for successful and sustainable environmental management. They state that environmental management should be socially desirable or tolerable, ecologically sustainable, economically viable, technologically feasible, legally permissible, administratively achievable, politically expedient, culturally inclusive, ethically defensible (morally correct), and effectively communicable. Initially, they linked the tenets specifically to management measures, but the tenets may also be applied directly to a specific activity or development, such as sustainable development which should reflect three dimensions; economics, society, and the environment. In both contexts, the ten listed tenets could be used as an assessment tool to help sustainable leaders visualize and calculate sustainability issues. Sustainable development must be a journey for every sustainable leader who wants to succeed and Barnard & Elliott’s (2015) tenets serve as an assessment tool that would help leaders when helping…

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