Essay on Sustainability Is A Matter Of Long Term Development

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Sustainability is a matter of long term development (Fowler, J., Sept.24th), this is the simplest statement describes the word “sustainability” till the end of week 3 lecture. After two weeks’ lecture class and ESS lecture classes, the concept of sustainability is funded in my mind and I learned from the two ESS lecture classes. Mind Shift organization and professor Matthew Schnurr’s research provide me the basic concept of sustainability.
To begin with, on September 17th, the first ESS lecture was performed by Mind Shift organization, who presents the concept of sustainability to the audience through a play. It began with a scene that happens on a spaceship called “Earth”. The audience witnesses the earth is destroyed by its passengers- human. The story is told through an accelerated world and reports every decade, which begins at the 20th century, and ends at the mid of the 21st century. During the century, exponentially increasing population and pollution affect the human habitat significantly, the human habitat continuously becomes more inhospitable. After “2015”, the deterioration gets faster than before. Eventually, the earth, as the only place to live, is destroyed by human themselves.
The travel reflects on the development of the modern human civilization- pollution, waste, and consequence of all the damage to the earth is introduced. And the “spaceship” crashes in the eternal universe. To be continued, they restated their purpose of the performance: to make earth…

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