Essay on Sustainability And Its Impact On Sustainability

809 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Most people, including me, believe sustainability to be synonymous with solely the environment. However, after reading several articles that deal with the application of sustainability as it pertains to our present society, I have experienced a transformation in my perception of sustainability. This new outlook on sustainability has not only altered my definition of it, but also my observed obstacles to sustainability and my perception of how far reaching and impactful is sustainability’s effect. In my own terms, sustainability is how we utilize and interact with a system, or set of systems, in order to secure our future progress. This definition is primarily based upon the observations about sustainability made by Prugh and Assadourian in their article, “What Is Sustainability, Anyway?”. The authors write extensively on how sustainability is not simply a matter of “green” living and limiting our contributions to global warming. I was really interested in how Prugh and Assadourian examined the necessity of species in our environment from both a utilitarian and non-utilitarian viewpoint. In a society that is extremely anthropocentric, I believe analyzing the necessity for sustainability in terms of necessity to human beings a very logical approach. The authors seem to draw the conclusion that since we do not know the impact of a lack of a specific member of our environment, we should err on the side of caution and assume all parts are necessary to survival. Or, at the very…

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