Essay about Sustainability And Ethics Of Accounting

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Sustainability and ethics in accounting


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Sometimes the term sustainability is interchangeably used with the term corporate social responsibility. Different people understand the term sustainability in dissimilar ways. The universally acceptance definition of the term sustainability and has emerged over a period of time is the consideration of the triple bottom-line. The contemplation of the triple bottom-line defines sustainability as the economic capability, social accountability, and the environmental accountability. The broad concept of the term sustainability is focused in the environmental considerations involving preservation of the environment and natural resource management. On the other hand, ethics in accounting play an essential role in accounting. Ethics is considered as the societal, personal, and professional values. Ethics in accounting is a high profile issue facing many businesses. The paper considers sustainability in a social and economic context of doing business. It also engrosses behaviors, business models, and systems essential for the long-term creation of value. Also, the paper discusses the sustainability and ethics report in accounting illustrated with specific company that has unethical accounting profile.
In sustainability accounting, several reports have been given reporting on the social responsibility, economic performance, and corporate reports on the environmental issues. Several…

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