Suspense In Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allen Poe

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Tell-Tale Heart
Can you imagine yourself in a dark room with a possibility of a random man there trying to kill you? Well this is the main character action towards the old man. In the story Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe this is the issue the main character goes through. The main character wants to kill the old man because of the way his eye looks. However, every night he goes into the old man 's house to kill him his eye is closed. So he doesn 't have the anger the kill the man and his eye. Then, one night the main character made a noises and awoke the old man. Then after the man awoke the main character just stalked him in his dark room for hours. That was then when he got the anger to kill the man in his home because when he awoke
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For example, the reader can feel Poe’s anxiety and fear when he writes “ When it fell upon me, my blood ran cold and so by degrees- very gradually - I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever”( Poe 89). This example shows how Poe’s fear is toward the “ eye forever”. This also shows the fear that ran upon him when he came across the eye. That builds suspense because his unforgettable ness around the eye is what is going to make him kill the man. Poe also adds that “ I made my mind to take the life of the old man”. That also shows Poe’s anxiety to get rid of the man’s eye. You can understand that this eye of the man is making Poe very uncomfortable and it needs to gone forever. Poe creates more suspension through anxiety and fear when he states “ They heard! They suspected!- they know! - they were making a mockery of my horror” ( Poe 94 ). After Poe kills the man, he hides them under the floor and the police came. While they were taking Poe began to hear noises and he believed the police knew everything about what he done.This builds suspense because now there is a huge chance that he might get caught in the crime he just committed and he knows …show more content…
The suspense makes you eager to read on and on, when the narrator- the main character gets ready to kill the old man and what he does before he kills the old man. Poe uses of a character’s fear and anxiety, vivid words and repeating words and phrases helps us understand and picture all the things that happened in the story. My first topic was based on the characters fear and anxiety. The narrator in my first paragraph talks about how the narrator feels towards the man 's eye and why he wants to kill it. Also, when the police came to the house after the narrator kills the old man and the narrator heard noises and finally told the police what he did. In my second paragraph the topic is based on vivid words and details. Poe describes the old man 's eye and what it looks like. Then he talks about how dark the old man 's room was pitch black and that’s why the old man couldn 't see him. Finally, in my last paragraphs topic is based on the repetition of words in the story. Poe talks about how cautiously he had to open the door each night so he did not awake the old man as he stalked

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