Sushi Should Be Considered An Art Essay

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Japan has a rich history of cultural foods, and many of them have meanings behind them. One of those dishes is sushi. Sushi is one of the most popular dishes in the world and is loved by many people. This dish may seem simple, however it is a complex dish since the fish is prepared raw and must compliment the rice well. Sushi should be considered an art form because of the way it is prepared by the hands, and how the various colors of the fish compliments the white rice. Although sushi seems simple, it is prepared in a way that is enticing to the eyes and savory in the mouth. Sushi is commonly known around the world as a Japanese cuisine, however sushi has its roots in Southeast Asia. Sushi is confused with the modern way of making sushi that is called “Edo-styled” sushi, which is when raw fish and rice were combined. Sushi is thought to have originated from Southeast Asia and China in the second century, where salt was used to preserve meat and fish to keep it fresh and fermented for long periods of time (Sushi Encyclopedia). Ironically, this type of dish was not popular at the time. The first seen documentation of sushi fermentation seen in Japan was in the seventh century. The Edo-style is the style of sushi that is most widely known around the world and originated from the busy streets of Edo. Edo-styled sushi does not ferment the fish with salt, however the vinegar is fermented in the rice to help keep the sashimi (which is raw fish, not coupled with rice) from…

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