Sushi Retraurant Business Plan Essay

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Sample Business Plan
This is a sample business plan that I completed by myself for a Entrepreneur class in my Senior year of high school. Unlike most students, I was really excited to plan and organize my ideas so my plan ended up being much longer then expected. All the numbers I used were, for the most part, actual prices and I spend hours alone just number crunching. It was worth it in the end when I had my final copy! I apologize in advance for awkward spacing, numbering, and indents. Some things like pictures and flow charts were lost throughout the transfer from Word.
Shifuku Sushi Bar Business Plan
Concept History and Background
1. A. Description of Service
The Shifuku Sushi Bar, located on 400 Wood Street in Pittsburgh, PA,
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My hope is to create an authentic Japanese atmosphere while combining modern American comforts.
As for owning and running the business myself, I feel that I have plenty of confidence to get the job done correctly and efficiently. As a Domino’s Pizza employ for over a year, I have learned the importance of tight management and, most importantly, the need for great customer service. At Domino’s, employees respect their customers and try hard to provide a personalized feeling. Instead of mailing out coupons to our delivery areas, Domino employees go on walk routes and hang flyers on customer’s doors. While this is quite time consuming and labor intensive, customers seem to really appreciate the special approach. As an insider, I deal with all problems conveyed by customers and answer phones to place orders. Through my various experiences with consumer concerns, I have learned to deal pleasantly with all customers no matter how rude they act. While customer service was a large part of my job, I additionally learned the proper ways to prep and store food and would wash all the dishes. With my work experience from Domino’s I feel I am qualified to work in the food industry and deal effectively with customers.
As for actually preparing and making the sushi, I am going to enroll in courses at Sushi Chef Institute to get a degree as a Sushi Chef. This way, my

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