Susan Minot 's ' Lust Essay

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Susan Minot’s story titled Lust is written in first-person perspective and it revolves around the adolescent life of a 15-year-old girl as she lives in boarding school. The narrator is the girl herself, unnamed and anonymous in terms of characterization; very accurately depicting someone with low self-esteem.
The story opens right away with the character introducing the boys she’s met during her time at boarding school but goes no more into depth about them than mentioning the sexual experiences they have had, such as seeing one naked for the first time or French kissing another. The readers get little, if any, description of the male characters beyond their names. Furthermore, the narrator herself is steeped in such anonymity that the reader never even learns her name. Even when one character is said to comment on her forehead and cheeks, there are still no concrete traits given, such as a wide forehead or blemished cheeks, to form an opinion on. This can further illustrate the theory that she has low self-esteem as the lack of descriptors, positive or negative, paints her as faceless and as someone with no traits worth mentioning—if she even has traits at all. Minot’s character is self-destructive in that she forgets all else whenever a boy comes into play. She mentions that she is good at math and sports, “but the second a boy put his arm around me, I forgot about wanting to do anything else.” This is common in girls with low confidence who often indulge in…

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