Susan Miller 's Good Evidence And Witnesses Essay

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In January 1969 a 16-year old boy took a trip across Canada with a few friends. While their time in Saskatoon a 20-year old nursing student Gail Miller was found dead in a snow bank. Mr. Milgaard’s friends turned against him as soon as they heard that there was a reward being offered to whoever turns the killer in. They found false evidence which got Milgaard convicted for life on something he did not even do. Mr. Milgaard was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison in a false accusation that he raped and murdered the nursing student. After spending 23 years in prison, he was released since they finally found out that Mr. Milgaard did not commit the crime. This case was an extremely controversial one, but also an extremely interesting one. The three aspects of law associated with this case that are worthy of further exploration include false accusations, good evidence/witnesses, and finally case reviews, meaning how they review cases. Of the three aspects in this case “good evidence/witnesses” played the most significant role in putting Milgaard through legal hell. Milgaard spent 23 years of his life behind bars due to pathetic and untrustworthy individuals that testified against him saying that he was the one who killed Mrs. Miller. This is a huge issue for innocent people accused of a crime just because they look similar to the actual person who committed the crime or if they were just near the scene of the crime at the bad time. False…

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