Susan Glaspell 's Use Of The Word Trifles Essay

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Metaphors are figures of speech that bring comparison or analogies between two things that are considered to lack similarity. It brings in the visual description of what is being described. For instance in Sylvia Path’s poem “Metaphors”, the writer brings out the visual description of a pregnant woman using an elephant. The size of a pregnant woman is huge hence the comparison with an elephant which is also huge though a woman and an elephant are different in many ways like an elephant is an animal with a trunk but a woman is a human being with no trunk. Susan Glaspell’s use of the word Trifles as a metaphor contributes to and illustrates theme, tone and characterization in the play in the approach described below.
The word Trifles is a metaphor used as the title of the play by Susan Glaspell to show the insignificant role played by women in the early twentieth century. “Well, women are used to worrying over trifles” (Glaspell 982). This statement by a Hales in the play by Susan Glaspell shows that the things that women get concerned with are insignificant. The women who were limited to the domestic circle were exposed to brutality from men inclusive of their husbands as supported by Diedrich & Fischer- Hornung (1990). However, the women in the play by Susan Glaspell bring out the stronger side by hiding the small things like the dead bird considered as insignificant yet if the men took time to locate them, they could act as evidence in the murder case.
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