Susan Glaspell 's ' Trifles ' Essay

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4.) In Susan Glaspell’s “trifles” Mr. hale is giving a statement about what he witnessed after showing up to Minnie wrights home the day Mr. Wright was murdered. He talks about Minnie wright as almost careless about her husband’s death. She seemed antsy and a bit nervous but she had a way about her that showed she wasn’t too torn up about his passing.Mr hale did not really know how to interpret her reaction. He seemed confused or unsure about whether or not she was upset or happy that her husband was gone. “And then she—laughed. I guess you would call it a laugh” (Glaspell). From a women’s point of view Minnie wright had a good reason to kill her husband because he was not good to her. The women are thinking of any excuse to give Mrs. Wright even though they don’t want to believe that she did it. Women would take her side and see her as the victim. While she is sitting in her chair pleating her apron she is seen to be in shock. She is trying to get herself together in order to figure out what she is going to do. Mrs. Hale specifically says she does not believe that Mrs. Wright was capable of doing such a thing. “Well, I don 't think she did. Asking for an apron and her little shawl. Worrying about her fruit.”

8.) Minnie Foster was a completely different person before she was Minnie wright. Minnie Foster was an outgoing, beautiful woman. She would attend meetings and went out, she was also in the choir. “I wish you 'd seen Minnie Foster when she wore a white dress…

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