Susan Glaspell 's ' Trifles ' Essays

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Susan Glaspell 's wrote her first play, “Trifles”, before the start of the Women 's Suffrage Movement, about a woman who allegedly murders her husband by tying a rope around his neck in reciprocation for murdering her beloved canary in a similar fashion. While the audience continues to read the play, the moral becomes much deeper and even the sheriff 's wife, Mrs. Peters, begins to notice the dark and cold house the men are investigating. After years of abuse and misery, the once attractive and joyful Mrs. Wright finally hit a breaking point and ended the misery she is living in. During the investigation the men criticize the mess left in the kitchen and seem to state that she is guilty solely based on her housekeeping abilities. Mrs. Hale defends Mrs. Wright immediately, stating “there 's a great deal of work to be done on a farm” to the county attorney after he made a comment regarding dirty towels (Trifles, 6). The men of the play refer to the wife as Mrs. Wright, as she is the property of her husband, John Wright, however the women call her by her full, maiden name, Minnie Foster. The men seem to have no regard for the women and continue their business considering a motive. While the women exist timid and stand away from the men, they proceed to look deeper into what happened that night that Mr. Wright is killed. After finding a bird cage and the dead bird with a broken neck in a box, Mrs. Peters recalls the loss her childhood pet when a neighborhood child had killed it…

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