Essay about Susan Glaspell 's Feminist Classic Trifles

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Women belong in the kitchen, or so the sexist joke goes. Perhaps this joke came from the 1900’s when all women were allowed to work in was the kitchen. Women were just beginning to stand up and demand equal treatment. They were putting it out there for the world to see they did not just belong in the kitchen. In Susan Glaspell’s effective feminist classic Trifles, the central conflict is driven by a gender issue: the opposition of the sexes.

The gender opposition is shown through the setting in a couple ways. The first way in which the setting reveals this conflict is the time or era in which it was written. The play was written in 1916, a time when society was basically dominated by men. Women had no rights and were considered inferior. The men in the play consider themselves superior, especially intellectually, in their attempt to solve the murder. They do not ask the women for their input or opinions. They see the “trifles” the women take note of as unimportant. Which is the reason why they overlook the evidence that would incriminate Minnie Wright. Had these men discovered the evidence, the women in the play “would have discovered the inconsistency of the legal system that excluded women from judicial decisions but judged them nevertheless” (Karen Alkalay-Gut 71). Minnie Wright would have no doubt faced an all male jury as women had no rights at this time. It is likely that the men, who could not find the motive to the case, would read Minnie all wrong. The women in…

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