Susan C Jones 's Happy Meals And The Old Spice Guy Essay

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Modern methods of advertising have become increasingly more questionable on the effects it has on the general public. The essay “Happy Meals and the Old Spice Guy” by Joanna Weiss focuses on the effects marketing tactics and advertising have on an average consumer. According to Weiss, advertising is not just limited to basic commercials and ads, but they also rely heavily on store placement, packaging, and associations of the brand. The article “Like me, Want me, Buy me, Eat me” by Sandra C Jones, Nadia Mannino and Julia Green also discusses deceptive marketing techniques. Why do these corporations spend millions on marketing every year in the most intrusive tactics? And are they successful? Both works of literature explain how as a society consumers are constantly fed deceptive marketing practices and exaggerated media images regardless of consumer groups.
In the essay Weiss specifically uses McDonald 's “Happy Meals” and Procter and Gamble 's “Old Spice Guy” as examples of deceptive marketing practices. The “Happy Meal” is a meal that includes a toy targeted towards kids, this marketing technique influences parents to go to McDonald’s because their kids want to go there. This shows that children are influenced only by the rewards included in the “Happy Meal.” In the case of the “Old Spice Guy,” the brand uses interesting and attention grabbing advertisements, social media, and celebrity associations such as appearing on the show “Ellen” and giving President Obama advice.…

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