Susan Brady 's I Want A Wife And Showed The Strength Of Women

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Women of the 1970s were strong and because them women today have a different stance in society as well as the world. The views of women in the 1970s were expressed in Judy Brady’s “I want a wife” and showed the strength of women in Bonnie Smith-Yackel’s “My mother Never Worked”. After some information about the past I can go into one of the many accomplishments of women today and share some facts about the changes of the views of women. In Bonnie Smith-Yackel’s “My Mother Never Worked” she talks about all the work her mother did on the family farm and it began with her on ther phone with the Social Security Office trying to claim her mother death benefit. Smith-yackels mother was an incredibly strong woman. Ms. Smith (Smith-Yackels mother) was born and raised in a town and married a farmer so she had to learn how to farm at 23. Ms. Smith had eight children to raise while helping her husband with a farm and she even made their clothes and blankets when she had the time. She was a strong woman who went through tough times. Even when the family had a drought she helped her husband carry buckets of water from the well to different parts of the farm. Later on Martha smith and her husband got into an accident sadly her husband didn’t make it and Martha became wheelchair bound but that didn’t stop her, she worked from that wheelchair. In the end Bonnie Smith-Yackel never received that death benfit from the office of social security because apparently in their books “she didn’t…

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