Essay about Susan Bordo's Piece “Beauty (Re) Discovers the Male Body”

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Dear Student of 2011, One essay you will read this year is Susan Bordo’s piece “Beauty (Re) discovers the Male Body”. At first glance, this essay seemed to contain many images and text that some students found offensive. Do not let this put you off from this essay, as it is well constructed. This essay by Bordo is indeed a long essay. It consists of forty five pages of detailed analysis of men in advertising. However, Bordo’s writing style is unique and fun making it an enjoyable read. I feel that by breaking the reading into sections, makes the essay easier to understand. Also what make this essay unique, Bordo included many personal stories and in depth opinions and analysis. Some of which may seem long winded but of which channels …show more content…
The idea of dual marketing is introduced, as one image can be arranged into “wooing” men, women and homosexuals almost a gender-blending per say. An interesting concept when not too long ago only women seemed to be on display. But this trend seems to be shifting, as only in recent years has homosexuality been forefront of media.
The second section is titled, “Thanks, Calvin!” this section of the essay discusses how the homosexual community has influenced and has an important impact on how men are presented in advertising. The image of a man is being used as an engine for mass consumption. Bordo looks at examples of ads and analyzes its content and then she shows the readers how she sees in them, revealing intentional "manipulation of problems" targeted as typical dilemma of the 'contemporary woman', such as conflicting role demands. Bordo looks at the trends, and there is a use of a common theme among advertisers. It was only until recently that advertisers have been made their marketing a science.
Most of the imagery used in this essay did not seem to heavily influence me one way or the other. The images portrayed in Bordos essay did not persuade me of taking offence. Growing up I have been subjected to images similar to these. Being on a swim team for many years I may have put myself in the position of these models. I myself have worn nothing but a Speedo in public that scantly covered my pubis. Not by any

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