Susan B. Anthony: The Greatest Contribution To The Women's Rights Movement

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There is a great deal of women in our current society who hold positions of power today. However, before the year of 1920 this was not a possibility for women in America because they had no right to vote. Around this time, slavery was also a problem in the country where both women and African Americans struggled from unfair ways in the country. Yet there were a few people who were willing to stand up and fight against it because they believed this was unjust. One of these people include Susan B. Anthony, who was a teacher at Canajoharie Academy. After leaving the academy, she devoted her life to fighting injustice and made great contributions to the women’s rights movement. Many factors in Susan B. Anthony’s life influenced her to devote …show more content…
Anthony took extreme actions in hopes of achieving success in her struggle for fighting to achieve women’s suffrage. In the article “Susan B. Anthony” states:
In an effort to challenge suffrage, Anthony and her three sisters voted in the 1872 Presidential election. She was arrested and put on trial in the Ontario Courthouse, Canandaigua, New York. The judge instructed the jury to find her guilty without any deliberations, and imposed a $100 fine. When Anthony refused to pay a $100 fine and court costs, the judge did not sentence her to prison time, which ended her chance of an appeal. An appeal would have allowed the suffrage movement to take the question of women’s voting rights to the Supreme Court, but it was not to be. (
In other words, she was willing to risk herself from being sent to jail to do this bold act and vote for a Presidential election in 1872. Once she was put to trial, the judge claimed her to be guilty without even considering why Anthony chose to take these actions. Anthony refused to pay for the $100 fine because she believed that she should have the right to vote just like other male citizens. Anthony made the right decision on not paying the fine because paying the fee would imply that she believed that what she did was wrong which she didn’t. As a result the arrest ended her last chance to appeal which was the next step of bringing the women’s suffrage movement. Unfortunately, Susan B. Anthony was not able to see the outcome
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She replied,
"It will come, but I shall not see it...It is inevitable. We can no more deny forever the right of self-government to one-half our people…but come it will, and I believe within a generation."
Susan B. Anthony died at her home on March 13, 1906. Fourteen years after her death, on August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed, giving all women the right to vote. (Kington)
In other words, after all of her hard work fighting for women’s right to vote, Anthony retired and she was never able to see the outcome of her efforts. The significance of Anthony’s response shows how strongly she believes that one day women would have the right to vote just like the male citizens in the United States. However her efforts were not put to waste, her actions and words motivated many people to continue the women’s suffrage movement. Fourteen years after Susan B. Anthony’s death the 19th Amendment was passed and women had the right to vote. This amendment significantly changed the lives for women in America by giving them the right to vote and share equal rights with

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