Survivors The Empty City Book Report

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In this book I will talk about the book Survivors: The Empty city. This book is the first book in the series Survivors by Erin Hunter. Survivors is a fictional type of series. Survivors: The Empty City is about a lone dog named Lucky. Lucky is an independent type of dog and is used to thinking that he could do everything himself. Until the Big Growl, a big earthquake that happened and destroyed almost everything and everyone in its path. After the Big Growl, Lucky soon realizes that he cannot survive the effects of the Growl on his own. He soon discovers that the only way to survive this new treacherous world is by becoming a pack dog. The only problem is, he does not believe that he is ready to trust in other dogs or have to follow an Alpha’s rule.
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Lucky is a gold and white thick furred dog. Lucky has an independent, intelligent, and heroic type of personality. In the story, Lucky learns that in his new deadly world, his only option for survival is by becoming a pack dog. Lucky is my favorite character in the book because I admire his leadership abilities and compassion for his friends. For example, while Lucky was teaching his friends in the wilderness how to hunt he encouraged them to keep trying. I also liked how Lucky complimented his friends when they caught prey, spotted camps to sleep in for the night, etc. I know from previous events that a good true leader encourages and compliments their teammates. This is why Lucky is my favorite character in the book.
In conclusion, I enjoyed the book Survivors: The Empty City because It contained an interesting plot. I also admired Lucky’s, the main character, leadership abilities and ow he encourages his friends to keep trying. I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys action packed books and are about

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