Survival Of The Sickest : The Process Of Evolution Drives The Diversity And Unit Of Life

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Justin Dubler
August 31, 2015
Mrs. Werle
Period #1-2
AP Biology Summer Assignment
Survival of the Sickest
Big Idea 1: The process of evolution drives the diversity and unit of life.
Passage 1: “Our genetic makeup has been adapting in response to where we live and what the weather’s like. The food we eat has evolved to cope with the organisms that eat it, and we’ve evolved to cope with that. We’ve looked at the way we’ve evolved to resist or manage the threat posed by specific infectious diseases, like malaria… At the end of the day, every living thing–bacteria, protozoa, lions, tigers, bears, and your baby brother–shares two hardwired imperatives: Survive. Reproduce.” (Chapter 5- Of Microbes and Men)
Enduring Understanding: 1.B All organisms on the planet share many core processes and features because they are all evolved from the same original beings millions of years ago. The way that these original organisms lived has been passed on and evolved through generations and generations of different types of life forms that have all diversified because of their environments and are living together on the Earth to this day. Although each organism lives differently in the modern day, everything from humans to protozoa come from the same ancestor.

Passage 2: “That water has acted as an agent of selection in the evolution of humans more than it has in the evolution of our ape cousins. And that, as a result, many of the major physical differences between humans and the other apes…

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