Survival Of The Fittest Analysis

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Survival of the fittest: How to survive first semester at UC Merced When high school students envision college they think, college is going to be like in movies: party every weekend, have a ton of friends and have perfect grades. On the contrary, in most college movies there is always the studious, unsocial and really reserved roommate; some students envision college to be like this too. Although students might think college is either partying or being studious all the time it really is a mixture of both. The key to surviving the first semester at UC Merced, you have to study, manage time and get involved. I cannot stress these three things enough. They might seem simple, but they are very crucial in surviving the first semester in college. …show more content…
Managing your time is the second most important step to surviving the first semester at UC Merced. This is the spinal cord to all success. Go to the Koligian Library or The Den and print out the syllabus for every class and write every important date on a calendar such as when day a paper is due, midterms, finals and vacations. Writing down specific times is a huge must. If you are not careful with how you manage your time or follow to do what you planned at the according times you won’t get a lot done. Eventually everything you have to do for college such as writing assignments, lab reports, studying, reading, practicing for a sport will start piling up and you will become stressed and depending how atrocious your pile is, sleep deprived. The alarm goes on at 7:00 a.m. and you hit the snooze button, next thing you know it is 7:30 a.m. and you’re late for class. So maybe you fell asleep while reading on how to survive your first semester at UC Merced and never made it to this point. Managing time for sleep for is important to keep up with performance in classes .With that being said while still in high school how do you like getting up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready for school? Well it’s the same in college you won’t like it, yes it has been something you’ve been conditioned for twelve years, don’t do it for college. Don’t make the common same mistake I made and do not get a class that starts at 7:30 a.m. you will regret it and you will be falling asleep in class and that will lead to not paying attention to the lecture and when the test comes around guess who’s not doing great on it that’s right, you. Manage your time

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