Survival Of Survival

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Since the beginning of humankind, the instinct of survival has driven our species to where we find ourselves today. If you rewind 200,000 years and observe the modern form of humans, survival had a very different definition then compared to now. To survive used mean living day to day and worrying about things like food, water, and shelter. Slowly, once man began evolving intellectually, the act of surviving also changed with it. What first began as the instinct to survive has slowly changed to an instinct to survive comfortably. Though not specifically a bad things, the consumer mentality in today 's materialistic society makes surviving less sustainable than ever. The trend that 's beginning to take hold in the United States especially is …show more content…
those who do not anyone can live unsustainably, but in Montana there is a rift between the wealthy and the poor ex: Montana the wealthy buy and build houses on land that they only use periodically (this puts a lot of resources and energy into a home that 's only used sparingly - very unsustainable) the poor in montana usually hold anywhere from two to three jobs in order to maintain an income at the US poverty level (aren’t wasting resources) make it clear - you don’t have to be poor to live sustainably. even if you are wealthy, make sure you use your wealth in ways that help the ecosystem, not hurt it

What Paragraph Will Do make it known that it 's not just the wealthy - make the essay look at both sides of living sustainably to reach more of an audience (rich and poor) focus on how the lower class live unsustainably too lower class in developed countries - unsustainable because: eat a lot of processed foods live in energy inefficient houses they live this way because they either cannot afford or ignore sustainable products and services lower class in developing nations less unsustainable because many partake in organic farming (bc they dont have the money to use
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wealthy) in order to make it clear that everyone can live unsustainably theres a new movement among the wealthy to appear like they are living sustainably buying hybrid cars, changing their homes to solar energy, etc. in reality - this portion of the population lives more unsustainably because they have the choice of whether or not to cut back for the lower class, they live sustainably out of necessity, not choice focus shouldn 't be on who is more/less sustainable than the other, but how to influence everyone to live more sustainably

What Paragraph Will Do provide and disprove a counter argument counterargument: it is possible to live extravagant lives while also living sustainably make sure the reader knows that there is nothing wrong with being wealthy and having the opportunity to live grandiose however, the fact that it 's possible to live in a fashion where one’s always traveling and buying the newest things is not sustainable the money used to support this kind of living could do so much more if put to the right use of living

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