Surveying of Condom Distribution in High School Essay

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Surveying of Condom Distribution In High School Based on a survey of condoms in High School, I have decided to write about the results and presented as a survey report. A survey was conducted at the local high school to get some of the students’ opinions on condoms being distributed in school. The following report is the results from the survey. The following questions were asked; what would it solve by putting condoms in school? Has it ever been done before? And do you think it will help? The response to the young teens about putting condoms in the school would most definitely help with prevent sexually transmitted diseases that are being spread throughout the schools. The teens were also made aware of the risk of having sex with …show more content…
A can was placed by the basket asking the student to leave a quarter when taking a condom. This approach is not aiding in the program, instead its running the kids off. Is this really how we want to protect our kids? They need education, not just condoms thrown at them. I think that if you are trying to get students to use condoms why charge them? Programs that can help raise money to provide funding for condoms to be distributed in schools include car washes, garage sales, which requiring participation. Funding can come from many sources, but whatever you have to do to get funds to make the distribution of condoms in schools. Evaluation of the baseline survey of students grades 9-12 administrated in April 1992 before condom program began. In demographic information knowledge, attitude, and belief about sex, and other STDs ,pregnancy and contraception;specific sexual behavior, and condoms use. Separate versions of surveys for males and females were identical except for appropriate differences in sexual behavior. In demographic information knowledge, attitude and belief about sex, HIV, and other STDs, pregnancy and contraception; specific sexual behaviors, and condoms use. Separate versions of survey for males and females were identical except for appropriate differences in sexual behavior. There are certain ways that questions are asked to male and female such as “How old were you the first time you had vaginal intercourse (put your penis in a girls

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