Survey of Coffee Outlets Essay

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Survey of Coffee Outlets
Final Project Report


Table of Contents Final Project Report 1 Table of Contents 2 Background and Problem Statement 3 Methodology 4 Issues With Questionnaire 5 Questionnaire 5 Analysis 8 Results 9 Conclusion 15

Background and Problem Statement

Coffee consumption in India has gradually increased in India over the years .Though it has been traditionally consumed in South India today urban India seems to be keen on greater consumption of coffee. To meet this requirement we see several coffee chains opening up around India.

Coffee chains throughout the world position themselves as not just restaurants but places to for the youth to spend time, executives to complete work and in
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Our study focuses mainly on two chains Café Coffee Day (Indian chain) and Barista. Through a qualitative research we plan to understand how important are various parameters for a coffee chain customer .Also we plan to understand the frequency of visits and other methodology.
Choosing the right method of conducting the research is very crucial to the success of any marketing research project. We focused on doing research which we complimented with a well designed questionnaire which also included open ended questions for Qualitative research. The group focused on a more quantitative research survey rather than a qualitative survey as we felt that this method would better complement the research that we had in mind. There was a discussion about the way the scaling of options is to be done. Finally the group decided to use a combination of scale methodologies to increase the effectiveness of the survey and also to bring in variety to the respondent so that the respondent finds the survey more interesting and not boring. Most questions the group settled on a likert scale which is balanced. Deciding on the number of options the likert scale provided was also an area the group had to focus on. Too many options would make the respondent get confused between few options and too few options would fail to generate the insight that the questionnaire wanted to capture. So for

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