Surveillance Cameras Should Be Banned Essay

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The amount of fines varies by the cities. If the offender does not pay the fine, their seized vehicles can even be forfeited and sold at auctions as part of the penalty for their crime. In some jurisdictions, the vehicles can be forfeited and sold immediately without the option for the offenders to get it back. In some cities, sex buyers’ driver’s license can also be suspended if they have used their vehicle in the commission of crime, such as soliciting sex. This type of punishment falls under the deterrence where the system gives punishment as a threat to deter the offenders from reoffending.
Another tactic to reduce the demand is placing surveillance cameras to potential sex purchasers. Mostly, surveillance cameras are used for two important purposes. Some cameras are used as a deterrent; surveillance cameras are placed with no effort to conceal them in order to alert johns that they are being watched. ( On the other side, some cameras are used secretly to collect and gather evidence of the johns’ criminal acts for prosecutors. Surveillance cameras have been used to deter the sex buyers in at least 100 cities and counties in the U.S. For example, there are conspicuous surveillance cameras in active prostitution areas in Tacoma, WA with the sign saying “Smile johns, you’re on camera” (Shively et al, 2012). They even post the recorded videos online so others can see it.
Community service programs for sex buyers is another tactic that are used in several…

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