Surveillance Cameras On The United States Essay

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The use of surveillance cameras has been on the rise not only in the United States, but also in various other parts of the world. There is a growing feeling that presence of surveillance cameras within the country is the best way of combating crime, acts of terrorism, and other acts that are prohibited by law. Surveillance cameras are also finding a new role in the places of work. During the agricultural and industrial revolutions, there was a popular practice where supervisors were appointed to supervise employees and ensure that they did not engage in non-work related activities. This culture of close supervision came to an end in the twentieth century. In the twenty-first century, a new concept has emerged of performance of contract where employees’ value is measured by their output. This new concept has gained popularity because employees are aware that they will be paid based on their work. They are aware that the top management trusts them hence they work with very minimal supervision. However, some companies are now using surveillance cameras to monitor their employees’ activities, which directly challenge this new popular concept. According to Welsh and Farrington, assistant professors in the Department of Criminal Justice, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, “many people no longer trust in the use of surveillance cameras in various institutions” (110).
Nicholas R. Fyfe, Professor in the University of Dundee, claimed that the use of surveillance cameras may be…

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