Surveillance : A Violation Of Privacy Rights Essay examples

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The government and the NSA have been keeping everyone in the country under surveillance in order to help protect the citizens from possible threats. A lot of people believe this is a violation of their privacy rights, but many also understand that some things are necessary in order to keep the country protected. In this day and age, there are various means that a criminal can use to relay information to others which is why the government has to monitor the various tools that the general public uses. From cameras, to collecting metadata from phone companies, to analyzing everything a person does on the internet, the government is taking strides in ensuring they do everything to stop criminal activity before it takes place. Stepping back and analyzing everything the government does allow a citizen to look at the bigger picture and realize that the government is not actually doing anything illegal. The cameras in public places are not an intrusion because when someone is out in public, they understand that they are being watched by others and cannot expect to have full privacy; surveillance cameras are not actually searching anyone which means that constitutional rights are not being violated. When it comes to collecting data from phone companies the government is not actually listening in on any calls, instead they collect metadata which includes how long the call was and who received the call. Contrary to the belief that government officials are reading someone’s emails, what…

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