Surrogacy Is The Most Efficient And Effective Reproductive Technology

1821 Words Nov 28th, 2016 8 Pages
New Reproductive technologies have opened a world of possibilities for having children, creating families, and creating bonds that are deeper than genetics. In particular, surrogacy is the most efficient and effective reproductive technology when trying to accomplish this. In this paper, I will argue that surrogacy redefines the definition of family in a positive light. Surrogacy is changing the world we live in for the better by creating bonds between human beings based on relationships, emotions, and choice instead of genetics. Although genetics are an important factor in the definition of a ‘traditional’ family, its significance is greatly diminished today. Surrogacy has been around since 1985 and the number of surrogacy pregnancies have skyrocketed since its debut. The term surrogate or surrogacy is defined by the journal article Genetic and Gestational Surrogacy: an Overview as “using a substitute mother in place of the natural mother” (Mondal 189-193). Surrogacy can be used for both commercially financial or altruistic reasoning. I personally favor it when it 's used altruistically because the surrogate does it out of the pure kindness of her heart without looking for any gain. Surrogacy is a very broad term because there are such things as gestational surrogacies and traditional surrogacies. The type of surrogacy that I would like to focus on is the traditional type. Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate mother acts as both the egg donor and the surrogate…

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