Essay on Surrealism : A New Art Form

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In the 1920s in Europe after World War 1, a new art form was rooted off the famous Dada movement called Surrealism. Surrealism is a style of art of the early twentieth century that emphasized dream imagery, chance operations, and rapid, thoughtless forms of notation that expressed, it was felt, the unconscious mind. A French poet by the name Andre Brenton, known as the “Pope of Surrealism,” wrote the Surrealist Manifesto. His original definition of surrealism was a “fusion of elements of fantasy with elements of the modern world to form a kind of superior reality” and “spontaneous writing.” The use of this art form became a huge influence to all young artist of the United States and Mexico and the ides became bold and new to the art world. It became a huge thing also on the psychology side of things where people like Sigmund Freud used it to influence two new different categories of Surrealism such as, Automatists and Veristic. The art from draws many components from other type of drawings such as Cubism, Expressionism and Dada movement. Many artists who use this art form paint realistic paintings but always place one item out of place to make it seem also unreal. Objective change is one of the many techniques used to show things found in nature that could not be created. Stencils and rubbing is another technique and they use obvious titles stating the matter. The most famous Surrealism artist use these and many other techniques.

Rene Magritte is a Belgian painter known for…

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