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We are delighted that you are interested in doing an internship with us. This application is your first step in pursuing a career with L’Oreal.

At L’Oreal, our purpose is to improve the well being of man and women, in all their diversity, all around the world by devoting ourselves to one business i.e. beauty. We are committed to putting all our expertise and research resources to bring innovative products to the consumers in terms of quality, efficacy and safety.

Given the complimentarity of our brand portfolio, we have thus made the universalization of beauty as our key project for years to come and look forward to having bright minds lead our mission.

So, to help us get to know you
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But I would not say all this, what I would say is that I want to join L’OREAL because I am passionate about first Beauty (Yes, I am extremely concerned with my looks!) and secondly, the role of sales and marketing. Both factors combine together to produce a dream proposition for me. I have worked in the field of digital Marketing where I was responsible for building digital marketing strategies for our clients and implementing them on various platforms. I am well versed with Google Analytics tools which are used to analyze user behavior online so that specific strategies could be created.

2. What are your expectations from the internship you have applied for?

I am looking to increase my learning on various aspects of Marketing and Research through practical applications. I believe it would help me in getting a clear understanding of my role in the field of marketing which would form the foundation of my career.

3. Pick two areas specific areas, from the below list of 10 options, you would be interested in working for and why:

• Marketing- Luxury • Digital Marketing

4. We have 32 brands globally. Associate yourself with one of our brands and describe your personality.

My personality is similar to what

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