Surgical Site Infections ( Ssis ) Essay

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Surgical site infections were interesting to me due to the high incidences occurring. “Surgical site infections (SSIs) are the second most common health care-associated infection. In 2002, of the 290,485 SSIs reported in the United States, 8,025 of the affected patients died” (Chiang, Herwaldt, Blevins, Cho, & Schweizer, 2015). A surgical site infection is defined as an infection occurring within 30 days of surgery. In nursing our goal is to treat and prevent diseases of the person as a whole, with SSIs occurring related to lack of education we are not doing everything we could be. Education is the base of health, if we can correctly educate our patients on safety in addition to prevention they will be more successful at keeping themselves healthy. The issue with surgical site infections are the higher incidences along with the reasons why they are happening. “Asian and Hispanic patients are at higher risk for postoperative sepsis, and African American patients have two times the risk of developing hospital- acquired methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infection compared with white patients” (Edmiston & Spencer, 2014). There are many reasons why SSIs happen, most of which are preventable. “Factors that contribute to disparities in health care include language barriers, unconscious bias, income level, education, and a tendency of minorities to use lower-quality health care facilities” (Edmiston & Spencer, 2014). “Language barrier was the primary factor in…

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