Surgery Past Present And Robotic Future Analysis

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In the video “Surgery’s past, present and robotic future” by Dr. Catherine Mohr we learn about the robots that are used in surgeries and what they can do. Robotic surgery helps doctors to perform procedures that are complex by allowing more precision, flexibility and control to happen then the traditional techniques used. Dr. Catherine Mohr, who spoke in the video is the vice president at the company, Intuitive Surgical in the medical research field that makes surgical robots ("Catherine Mohr | Medical Technology").
The main point of Dr. Mohr’s argument is that the inventions of technology used in surgeries are changing for the better. Dr. Mohr wants to inform us about the benefits that come with the technology of the robots being used in
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The robot has to be set up precisely in the spot that the surgery is going to take place on. Which means if there is more than one place it needs to reach, it will have to be moved and set up again with all the right instruments needed. Their large footprint takes away space from the already crowded operating room and makes it difficult for both the robot and the surgical team to fit in the operating room (Lanfranco et al.). Most robots are very heavy because of their large footprint so setting them up is a pain. Along with being very time - consuming when you have to add the parts needed for the surgery to the robot. A big weakness with the robotic surgery is the price of the robot which cost around a million dollars (Lanfranco et al.). These are the weaknesses about robotic surgery that Dr. Mohr talked about in the video was with the large …show more content…
The reason that I agreed to be operated on by a robot if I required surgery is because it is fast and safe. I can handle pain pretty well, so that would not bother me that much. What I do not like is not being able to do anything after the surgery and having to be at the hospital. If a robot doing my surgery can make the recovery time after the surgery faster instead of months of recovery. A big one for me would be having a shorter hospital stay because of the surgery being done by robotic surgery. I hate hospitals and do not go with them unless I have to so I would automatically agree to my surgery being completed by a robot. Having less blood loss and trauma are good because it keeps you strong and healthy which in return lowers the risk of getting an infection. There are a lot of reasons why I would agree to being operated on by a robot, but these are the important reasons to agree to have robotic surgery

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