Supportive Model Of Organizational Behavior

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Organizational behavior is determined by, among other factors, the organization model adopted. There are about five organizational models that can be adopted such as custodial model, autocratic model, system model, collegial model and the supportive model. Each of these models has its merits and demerits. As a team leader, my preferred organization model would be the system model. This model focusses on supporting and motivation the employees in pursuant of their goals through proper remuneration, provision of allowances and providing a conducive working environment while having in mind the overall goals of the organization (Pope & Blyth, 2008). In most cases, where the needs of the employees are not
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The competence of staff within the organization largely determines how competent and profitable the organization will be and as such staff development would be an essential factor to consider. Teambuilding is crucial in shaping organizational behavior and hence it is a factor that must be implemented. Some borrowed aspects about to organizational behavior include assessing the impact of social position and social life of the employees on the general organization behavior (French, 2011). According to (Muthu, 2015), an individual’s social life influences their behavior within the organization and as such it must not be sidelined. To ensure that the team performs effectively, certain factors must be put into …show more content…
These factors also determine how the team members interact with each other and hence their behavior in the course of playing their roles within the team. For instance, lack of cohesiveness may contribute to frequent conflicts among the team members while improper communication may inhibit the efficiency of the team as a whole. Most projects are often scheduled to be completed at a set time and as such it is important to consider the factors above to ensure that the team created has the potential to complete the project within the set timeframe. The factors highlighted above also determine the stability of the team hence evaluating these factors about the team would eliminate the possibility of disintegration of the team. The effectiveness of a team cannot be known unless its performance is assessed through some set performance measuring

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